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The Tringa Group – Who We Are
The Tringa Group

About Us

The Tringa Group is a group of people who really like information management and technology and have been working in this area all their lives, mostly for the fun of it. Our IT professionals all have over 30 years experience in computers, surveys, and electronic data management. They have been using computers to manage information since before the IBM PC was born — effectively spanning the entire history of personal computers. We use Linux and Windows systems, striving for "best of breed" solutions for the task at hand. We are firm believers in Open Source software, and the spirit of cooperation that drives this amazing phenomenon.

Our principals are HJ Schmidt and Debora Slee. We use a multidisciplinary team which includes IT and data management professionals, healthcare quality management professionals, researchers, writers, editors, and artists.

Tringa Group’s headquarters are located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Incidentally, a Tringa is a sandpiper, from the Greek tryngas. The name was inspired by a walk on a South Carolina beach, where the company was formed.